The Administrator's Message:

Thanks for checking out The Public Service Administration, a group of L.A.-based comics and actors. Who are we? Oh my, our members have been on MTV, ABC, NBC, The Daily Show, Second City Chicago, MAD TV, Reno 911, Current TV, and Showbiz Show With David Spade. Our work as a group has been on CNN's "The Situation Room" and Headline News, NPR, MSNBC, and written up in Newsweek.

The Public Service Administration was formed in 1940, as part of the WPA. Back then the "internet" was a series of charcoal drawings, passed from house to house by prepubescent boys who worked tirelessly for whiskey and love. The PSA moved to web videos in the 1950s. Primitive by today's standards, the stream-driven servers couldn't handle the 1s and 0s familiar in binary code today, and simply created a series of 2s. This yielded videos that seemed flat and lifeless, lacking in visuals, audio, or decent punchlines. Since the advent of youtube, we have worked to create videos that are opinionated, substantial, and mean-spirited. We hope you enjoy these, the product of decades of evolution and development.

We are available for hire by advocacy groups and companies we don't think are inherently evil.

Thanks for watching.

Andy Cobb
PSA Director


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