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Thanks for checking out The Public Service Administration, a group of L.A.-based comics and actors. Who are we? Oh my, our members have been on MTV, ABC, NBC, The Daily Show, Second City Chicago, MAD TV, Reno 911, Current TV, and Showbiz Show With David Spade.  Our work as a group has been on CNN's "The Situation Room" and Headline News, NPR, MSNBC, and written up in Newsweek.   

Health Care for America Now partners with PSA

Healthcare For America Now, a 40 million dollar healthcare group has partnered with PSA on their new campaign.  "Insurance Company Rules," their first video project together, has yielded over 100,000 views, an MSNBC appearance, and a potential television ad campaign.

PSAers to perform at the Democratic National Convention. Joshua Funk directs, Andy Cobb writes, and Josh, Andy and Nyima Funk perform in a Second City revue. The show, called a "hot ticket" of the convention by Huffington Post, will feature appearances by Illinois Congressmen Dick Durbin and Rahm Emanuel.

PSAers appear on Fox News and ABC.  In conjunction with their appearance in Denver at the Democratic National convention, PSAers Andy Cobb and Josh Funk appeared recently on Fox News (we KNOW, weird, right)? and ABC.  Yes, Fox News sucks.  Yes, we went anyway. Yes, they cut us off as soon as we started making fun of McCain.


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Insurance Company Rules

CNN covers PSA’s take on the start of the DNC.

PSA’s release of the satirical ad “Catharsis” the perfume by Hillary, kicks off the Democratic National Convention week and CNN’s Jeanne Moos takes her spin on our spin.